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through public interest litigation

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Our new look

Regular website visitors might have noticed a change since their last visit to our site.

The PILS Project have updated our visual identity! Sounds great, but what does it mean in practice? From now on, we’ll be using a new logo, accompanied by a different font and a revised colour scheme.

2019 is our tenth anniversary. PILS have grown a lot as an organisation over the past decade. New staff have joined the team. Our membership has expanded (to include solicitor firms) and continues to increase. We have also adapted the way we work, by modifying the services we offer to meet our members' needs.

Very different on the inside. But, from the outside, our organisation looks pretty similar to how it did when we launched in 2009. Our old logo was functional, but didn’t give you many clues about what PILS actually do.

Our new logo helps to tell the story of how the PILS Project works. The two triangles fit together to create a timeline, showing the life cycle of a public interest legal issue.

Issues affecting vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in Northern Ireland can initially go unnoticed. People facing barriers to realising their human rights might think that the law can’t answer their question. Until they meet one of our members, they might think that the problem only affects them.

But, by supporting our members to take public interest law cases, PILS can help bring issues that were below the radar (the red triangle) out into the open. By showing how the law can create wider change for many communities, these previously unheard issues can be elevated. (That’s the green triangle).

The tiny intersection at the point between the red and green triangles also hints at the ‘last resort’ nature of the PILS Project’s work. We might only be needed for a very small amount of advice or money. But our timing means PILS can be there at the critical moment, to keep a case going when no other funding is available.

We are very pleased to be launching this new look now, as part of our 10th anniversary.

Our new logo is the first step towards revising how our website looks and how it works for you. Keep an eye out for more changes in the near future.