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After listening to Bryan Stevenson, what’s next?

During his online conversation with PILS at Feile 2021, renowned US public interest lawyer Bryan Stevenson spoke about how communities that have been marginalised and discriminated against are finding their voices:

"There are songs being sung all over Northern Ireland. There are songs being sung by communities who have been excluded and disfavoured." 

If you are reading this article, thinking ‘how do I get involved in public interest litigation?’, then keep scrolling.

At The PILS Project, we want to amplify those songs. We want to channel previously over-looked voices into courtrooms and have the positive impact of their cases reverberate throughout all our communities.

One way that we can do this is by creating even more pro bono partnerships. Introducing skilled legal professionals to pioneering human rights advocates is one of the best parts of our jobs. It truly can be a dream team in action! To any solicitor, barrister or legal academic reading this blog: if you are interested in using your legal expertise to boost human rights progress in NI, then the PILS Pro Bono Register is the place for you.

In addition to that, PILS are always keen to hear from human rights organisations or local solicitor firms who are interested in getting involved in public interest litigation. If you have ever considered taking a strategic case as part of your human rights advocacy work but weren’t really sure where to start, then PILS are ready to talk to you about becoming a member of our Project.