Current NGO Stakeholders

There are currently 41 members of the Stakeholder Forum. Below is the list of member organisations and some information on the objectives and work of each of them.

Advice NI logo

Advice NI is a membership organisation that exists to promote, support and develop the independent advice sector across Northern Ireland. Its mission is to develop an independent advice sector that provides the best possible advice to those who need it most. The organisation provides advice and training, comments on the impact on social policy decisions and produces publications.

Age NI logo

Age NI is an amalgamated independent charity, previously Age Concern NI and Help the Aged NI, which seeks to provide a public voice for older people in Northern Ireland and to raise awareness of issues of importance to them. They engage in campaigning, policy work and research, provide advice and information, and develop products and services designed for people in older life.

Alzheimer's Society logo

Alzheimer's Society is a membership organisation, which works to improve the quality of life of people affected by dementia in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Many of their 20,000 members have personal experience of dementia, as carers, health professionals or people with dementia themselves, and their experiences help to inform their work.

An Munia Tober logo

An Munia Tober is a Traveller support group that seeks to provide self-identity and capacity building within the Traveller community. They work on a number of projects with the Traveller community, such as literacy and health promotion, cultural awareness and creative arts, a Community Health project and an education project for school leavers. An Munia Tober also provides advice and support to the Traveller community on equality and human rights issues.

Autism NI logo

Autism NI seeks to ensure that people within the autistic spectrum and their carers have access to appropriate services, enabling people with autism to be valued members of their community. They engage in training, facilitation, advocacy and lobbying as well as providing family support and adult services.

CAJ logo

The Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ) is an independent human rights organisation working to ensure the promotion and protection of rights in Northern Ireland by reference to internationally agreed human rights standards. Their core areas of work are the protection of rights, equality, policing and criminal justice, as well as engaging in litigation that will further their objectives.

Children's Law Centre logo

The objective of the Children's Law Centre is to develop awareness among children and young people of their rights; to increase public understanding of childrens' rights; and to promote policies and legislation which will give children a better life. As part of this work they also engage in litigation.

Citizen's Advice NI logo

Citizens Advice NI is the largest advice charity in Northern Ireland. It works against poverty and meets the information and advice needs of some 92,000 people per year dealing with over 320,000 issues across a range of advice categories. Advice is available to all communities from 31 main offices across Northern Ireland and from over 100 other outlets. It also represents the public at some 1800 social security appeal tribunals a year.

Coiste logo

Coiste is an umbrella organisation for the Republican ex-prisoner network throughout Ireland that plays a role in highlighting and lobbying against social and economic barriers faced by former political prisoners and their families. They are engaged in advocacy, youth development, support services and legacy work.

CRJI logo

Community Restorative Justice Ireland provides a safe and confidential community service which is available to all. They have offices in Colinglen, Colin, Andersonstown Road, Falls Road, North Belfast, South & East Belfast, Derry & Newry. CRJI’s trained staff and practitioners are impartial; their role is to provide a safe and structured format that brings local people together to enable them to resolve issues that are affecting their quality of life.

Disability Action logo

Disability Action works to ensure that people with disabilities attain their full rights as citizens by supporting inclusion, campaigning, influencing government policy and changing attitudes in partnership with disabled people. They also offer a range of services including information, policy, employment and training support, capacity building, training on disability & diversity issues, and transport and mobility assessments.

Family Planning Association logo

Family Planning Association (FPA) is the organisation that makes sexual health a priority public health issue in the UK. Their vision is of a country where talking sense about sex is the norm not the exception. FPA educate and inform thousands of people about sexual health each year and campaign to improve sexual health services.

Focus:The Identity Trust exists to provide social, educational and recreational activities for Transgender people in Northern Ireland and the Border counties of the Republic of Ireland who have been referred to them by a gender identity clinic or Registered Medical Practitioner.  The Trust will endeavour to provide a welcoming, safe and secure environment for all its members.  Additionally the Trust exists to promote the development of educational information and advice on Transgender issues in Northern Ireland in regard to  employment, housing, legal and general education issues within Northern Ireland in regard to how they affect the Transgender community and their relatives and friends.

Friends of the Earth logo

Friends of the Earth NI is dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting a sustainable future for Northern Ireland. They support a unique network of local campaigning groups working in communities across Northern Ireland and are part of the UK's most influential environmental campaigning organisation and part of the most extensive environmental network in the world, with over 60 national organisations across five continents.

Here NI aims to to support lesbian and bisexual women and their families and improve the lives of L&B women across Northern Ireland. This is carried out in a number of different ways: through providing information; developing support networks in rural areas and towns; facilitating training; lobbying government and agencies on your behalf; offering a community space for meeting and much more.

Housing Rights Service logo

Housing Rights Service is Northern Ireland's leading provider of specialist housing advice, training and information in Northern Ireland. They engage in policy work and provide training, information, legal advice and representation. They also run a housing advice line.

Human Rights Consortium

The Human Rights Consortium is an independent, non-governmental coalition of 123 civic society organisations that campaign for the development of a strong and inclusive Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland. It does this through the promotion of the Bill of Rights debate, engagement and lobbying of government, political parties, and other stakeholders, and the development of strong civil society support in favour of a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland.

Include Youth logo

Include Youth is an independent NGO that promotes the rights and best interests of and best practice with young people at risk. They work directly with young people to support them in engaging with policy decision-making processes and to improve their employability.

IEF logo

The Integrated Education Fund (IEF) is a financial foundation for the development and growth of integrated education in Northern Ireland. The IEF seeks to bridge the financial gap between starting integrated schools and securing full government funding and support.

Kinship Care NI logo

Kinship Care Northern Ireland is a registered charity committed to the help and support of grandparents and other family members who are caring for the children of their extended families.

Law Centre NI

The objective of the Law Centre (NI) is to promote social justice through specialist legal support and services to advice-giving organisations and disadvantaged individuals. Their activities include casework, policy, training, producing publications and convening a number of practitioners’ Fora on issues such as immigration, social security and community care. They also engage in casework on these issues as well as on employment and mental health issues.

Mencap work in partnership with people with a learning disability, and all their services support people to live life as they choose.  Their work includes providing advice through their helplines and websites and campaigning for the changes that people with a learning disability want.


NIACRO’s (Northern Ireland’s Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders) vision is to be acknowledged as making a unique contribution to the development of a society in which the rights and needs of everyone, including offenders, are equally respected.

NIAPN logo

The Northern Ireland Anti-Poverty Network (NIAPN) is a lead organisation working with and for those experiencing poverty in Northern Ireland. They produce newsletters, organise seminars, meetings and conferences, undertake research and disseminate information on poverty and social exclusion. NIAPN has over 300 member organisations and itself is a member of the European Anti-Poverty Network.

NICEM logo

The Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities (NICEM) works to promote racial equality and human rights in Northern Ireland through campaigning, capacity building, training and offering support to migrants and victims of racial harassment and discrimination.

PPR logo

The Participation and Practice of Rights Project (PPR) aims to give individuals, groups and communities the tools and support they need to actively assert and campaign for their social and economic human rights through a rights-based approach. They work with a range of groups from north Belfast on mental health issues, the right to play, the right to housing with residents of the Seven Towers, the right to participate in decision-making, and to promote a human rights based approach.

Pat Finucane Centre logo

The Pat Finucane Centre is a non-party political, anti-sectarian human rights group advocating a non-violent resolution of the conflict on the island of Ireland. It asserts that the failure by the State to uphold Article 7 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; "all are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law", is the single most important explanation for the initiation and perpetuation of violent conflict. It is therefore implicit to conflict resolution that Article 7 be implemented in full. The Pat Finucane Centre campaigns towards that goal.

Pobal logo

Pobal is the umbrella group for the Irish language community. They engage in advocacy, policy work, research and other strategic support for their member groups.

Positive Life logo

Positive Life supports and promotes positive living for people with and affected by HIV in Northern Ireland and the border counties.  Positive Life has been making a difference to the quality of people’s lives for over 25 years, beginning life as the AIDS Telephone Helpline in 1986 and now as a city centre facility offering a range of services and supports expanded across Northern Ireland.

Rainbow Project logo

The Rainbow project is a health organisation that works to improve the physical, mental & emotional health of gay, bisexual and non-heterosexual men in Northern Ireland. They are the largest gay organisation in Northern Ireland and have two centres: one in Belfast and the other in Foyle Londonderry.

Relatives for Justice

Relatives for Justice (RFJ) is a Belfast based support group working with and providing support to relatives of people bereaved and injured, by the conflict across the North of Ireland including border regions in the 26 countries. They offer advice, support services, counselling and legal advocacy.

Since 1990 Rights Watch (UK) has provided support and services to anyone whose human rights were violated as a result of conflict. Their interventions have reflected their range of expertise, from the right to a fair trial to the government’s positive obligation to protect life. They have a long record of working closely with NGOs and government authorities to share that expertise.

Rural Community Network logo

The Rural Community Network (RCN) is a regional voluntary membership organisation established by community groups from rural areas to articulate the voice of rural communities on issues relating to poverty, disadvantage and equality. They conduct research on issues affecting rural communities, respond to policy developments, engage with decision-makers and produce publication.

Senac logo

The Special Educational Needs Advice Centre (SENAC) is a charity which was setup in 2003 to meet the needs of children and young people with special educational needs throughout Northern Ireland. SENAC is committed to assisting parents in obtaining the educational provision required to meet their children's needs.

STEP logo

Established in 1997, South Tyrone Empowerment Programme (STEP) is a not for profit community development organisation based in Dungannon, Northern Ireland. Their aim is to contribute to building a rights-based, participative, peaceful and prospective society which provides equality of access and opportunity, embraces diversity and respects difference.

Unison logo

UNISON is Northern Ireland's leading and liveliest trade union, representing over 40,000 workers delivering essential public services in areas such as health, social services, education, local government, private companies providing public services, and the community and voluntary sector.

Victim Support NI logo

Victim Support NI is the charity which helps people affected by crime. They provide support to victims and witnesses across Northern Ireland offices, courthouses and outreach centres.

WAVE is a grass roots, cross community, voluntary organisation formed in 1991 to support people bereaved of a spouse as a result of violence in Northern Ireland.  It was expanded later to incorporate the needs of children and young people and anyone injured or traumatised through ‘the Troubles’.

Women's Resource logo

The Women’s Resource and Development Agency is a charity which provides support for women’s groups and networks across Northern Ireland.  Established in 1983 (and formerly known as the Women’s Education Project), it is a regional organisation with a mission to advance women’s equality and participation in society by working to bring about social, political and economic change.

WSN logo

The Women's Support Network (WSN) is an umbrella organisation for women's group, centres and projects, which are community-based or adopt a community development approach. Their mission is to support development of women organisations, enable collective action and positively impact on policy and decision-making processes.

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