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Families of suicide victims lose judicial review

Families of suicide victims lose judicial review over their prison deaths

The relatives of two inmates who committed suicide in HMP Woodhill last July have lost their English High Court case calling for action to protect prisoners. 

The relatives claimed that the prison governor had not compiled fully with Prison Service Instructions (PSIs) which cover management of prisoners at risk of harm to themselves.  Since May 2013 18 prisoners have died by suicide at HMP Woodhill, a rate that the relatives argued was exceptionally high.

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No requirement to publish prosecution guidance regarding assisted suicide: Scots Law

This case concerned an appeal under Scots Law from a decision of the Lord Ordinary on a petition for judicial review.  The petitioner suffered from Parkinson’s disease and anticipated that eventually he would require assistance to end his life.  He sought clarification as to the factors that would be taken into account in deciding whether or not to prosecute the person who assisted him.

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CPS announces assisted suicide prosecution

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Assisted Suicide

On 25th June the Supreme Court delivered its judgment on three legal challenges on the law relating to assisted suicide.

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Case admitted straight from the County Court reaffirms Rabone ruling that voluntarily detained patients can be covered by Art. 2 duties

The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) admitted a case on appeal directly from the County Court in England and proceeded to affirm the UK Supreme Court’s ruling in Rabone v Penine Care NHS [2012].

ECHR Art. 13, ECHR Art. 2, Mental Health, Suicide