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Children's Rights

High Court declares that child should receive vaccinations against mother’s wishes

SL (Permission to Vaccinate), Re 2017 EWHC

The High Court has ruled that a local authority may vaccinate a seven month old boy contrary to his mother’s wishes.

Children's Rights, Health

Supreme Court rules that Named Persons Scheme in Scots Law could breach ECHR

Children's Rights, ECHR Art. 8

IPCC rules that Sussex Police fail in duty towards disabled eleven year-old girl

An eleven-year old girl who suffered from a neurological disability had been detained in police custody for a total of 60 hours under mental health laws, but without appropriate procedures being followed. 
An investigation was conducted by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) which found that the police failed to respond to the child’s needs.  They could not justify use of force when restraining and hooding her and failed to ensure the presence of an appropriate adult, as required by mental health laws. 

Children's Rights, Disability, Mental Health

Legal Aid for victims of domestic violence

Also on the 19th September the High Court granted permission for a judicial review challenging the lawfulness of legal aid changes affecting victims of domestic violence.

Children's Rights, Family Law, Legal Aid

Immigration and Asylum

  • Unlawful to remove individuals from the UK without access to a solicitor

R, on the application of Medical Justice v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2012] EWCA Civ 1710

A Government policy which permits, in exceptional circumstances, the removal of individuals whose claims to enter or remain in the UK have been unsuccessful without giving them the standard 72 hours’ notice, has been ruled by the Court of Appeal to be unlawful.

Children's Rights, Deportation, Immigration & Asylum