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Calls for age discrimination protection for all

The Chief Commissioner of the Equality Commission, the Commissioner for Children and Young People and the Commission for Older People have spoken together publicly to call for people of all ages to be protected under new age legislation covering the provision of goods, facilities and services.

The three Commissioners gave evidence to the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister (“OFMDFM”) Committee on the 2nd April on discrimination experienced by young and older people because of their age when they try and access health, education or leisure services.  You can access the joint policy documents here.

Speaking before the committee session, Michael Wardlow, Chief Commissioner for the Equality Commission in Northern Ireland commented:
“It is important to ensure that both the youngest and oldest members of our society are covered under this new legislation.  We cannot claim to respect people’s dignity while tolerating discrimination based on their age.”

Claire Keatinge, Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland said:
“No-one should be treated unfairly on the basis of their age.  The delay in progressing the anti-age discrimination legislation means that people of all ages will continue to be discriminated against, without protection from the law.”

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