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‘High risk of unfairness’ in fast-track immigration system

On 9th July the High Court of England and Wales ruled that a system for fast-tracking asylum claims has ‘serious failings’ and is therefore being operated unlawfully by the government. 

The Detained Fast-Track (DFT) system keeps asylum-seekers in detention while a decision on their case is quickly processed by the Home Office.  It is used for approximately one-fifth of people claiming asylum in the UK. 

The Judge, while not finding that the system itself was unlawful, declared that the following elements of it were unfair:

  • The screening process for, and safeguards once in, DFT do not operate effectively to ensure that vulnerable people are not wrongly processed on the DFT.
  • There is an unjustifiable delay in providing lawyers to people in detention and consequently ‘…the DFT as operated carries an unacceptably high risk of unfairness.’
  • There are insufficient safeguards for victims of torture and sexual violence.

For further information please see coverage from The Independent newspaper here.

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