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November 2017

Judicial Review on removal of EEA nationals for 'rough sleeping' begins

A judicial review challenge to the Home Office’s policy of detaining and deporting rough sleepers from EU countries has been heard in the High Court of England and Wales.  The challenge began on 21st November and lasted for three days.  Judgment is awaited. 

Housing Law

Mother awarded £9 million in compensation after giving birth to seriously ill son

The High Court of England and Wales has awarded compensation to a mother to raise her baby son who was born with haemophilia.

The mother requested blood tests from her GP to see if she had the disorder after her nephew had been diagnosed with the rare condition.  The GP who analysed the blood tests told her she did not have haemophilia, and therefore she should not be concerned if she became pregnant. 


NI Court of Appeal overturn Police Ombudsman funding decision

On 7th November the Court of Appeal reversed a decision of the High Court that the Department of Justice (DOJ) had failed to provide sufficient funding to the Office of the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland (PONI).

In the earlier decision the High Court ruled that the DOJ acted unlawfully by failing to provide sufficient funding to PONI to enable it to carry out its statutory obligation to investigate a complaint by Patricia Bell within a reasonable period of time. 

Local Developments

Supreme Court to sit in Belfast

The Supreme Court will hear the final appeal in the Ashers Bakery cake next April when it sits in Belfast for the first time.

Lady Hale, President of the Supreme Court, will be joined by three other judges including the former Lord Chief Justice, Lord Kerr.  The four judges will hear arguments on whether Ashers Bakery discriminated against a customer on the grounds of sexual orientation when it refused to fulfil an order for a cake with a slogan supporting same sex marriage.  The bakery’s Christian owners do not accept that it breached equality laws by refusing to make the cake.


Resident group to challenge Council's planning decision  

On 14th November the High Court granted permission to residents to judicially review Belfast City Council’s planning decision to approve a major office development in an inner city housing district. 
Residents in the Markets area of Belfast are opposed to the construction of a multi-storey office block as they claim it will impact negatively on their right to privacy. 

Local Developments, Property Rights