Become an NGO Member

Membership of the PILS Project is free and open to all NGOs that fulfil the following criteria:

1. Non-party political non-governmental organisation, community group.

Public bodies and statutory commissions, for example, will not be considered for membership.

2. Have an interest in and support for public interest litigation.

We do not require that members have significant knowledge of public interest litigation when making their application but we do require that they have a genuine work related interest in it and are supportive of the purpose and aims of public interest litigation.

3. Support and have experience working for the advancement of human rights and equality in Northern Ireland.

Applicants must have at least a basic understanding of the human rights and equality framework in Northern Ireland, and have some experience working on human rights and equality issues. This could mean, for example, working on campaigns or projects which raise issues of human rights or equality, such as health policies, disability access or equality of opportunity.

4. Agree to positively contribute to the work of the PILS Project and the Members’ Forum.

This can mean attending the meetings of the Forum or providing advice or assistance on areas of expertise. It can also mean identifying potential public interest cases or patterns of human rights violations or inequality.

In order to be considered for membership by the PILS Project Board, please complete the relevant NGO Membership Application Form which is available for download below and return it by email to  or by post to David Hawkins, Development Officer, The PILS Project, Arthur House, Arthur Street, Belfast, BT1 4GB. The PILS Board makes decisions on all applications.

Download a copy of the NGO Membership Application Form in Word Document.

Download a copy of the NGO Membership Application Form in PDF.