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About the PILS Project

The PILS Project (Public Interest Litigation Support Project) was established in 2009 to advance human rights and equality in Northern Ireland through the use of and support for public interest litigation. The PILS Project has established itself as a leader in developing public interest litigation in Northern Ireland.

Public interest litigation uses the law to create and sustain social change for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in society. It contrasts with other forms of litigation in that it aims to achieve outcomes for a number of people, not just the person involved in the case. These cases are often called test cases as they test out novel legal points. They also encourage lawyers to make arguments that have not been made before, leading to Judges making decisions that have not been made before in this jurisdiction.

We are the only organisation in Northern Ireland to increase access to justice by giving legal advice and financial support to our members for legal cases which champion the rights of vulnerable people to participate fully in society.


The PILS Project
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